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5 Tips for Better Lyric Screens

Nathan Sutliff lists ways to start seeing your lyric screens as more than just words:

1. Fonts

I have been in too many churches that just rely on Arial, Verdana, or Times New Roman. Basic fonts that add no creative look to the screens at all. We’ve all seen it. Yes it displays the lyrics of the song but does it display the emotion? I have also seen churches who may try too hard and use crazy fonts that are hard to read or just seem to be used for the sake of using them. If you can identify the emotion of the song and best represent it with a font that helps reinforce it then you are adding to the worship service as oppose to just displaying lyrics.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than a bad line break of paragraph break on worship lyric screens. If you sing through the song you know where there should be a line break or even a screen break. I have seen this before…

Open the eyes of my heart lord Open the
Eyes of my heart. I want to see you, I
want to see You

Quit that!!!!! Quit letting the screen margins determine where your line breaks happen! Spend the few extra seconds to break the lines naturally at the end of the phrase! Think of how you sing the song and break the lines accordingly.

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