5 Tips for the Bivocational Worship Leader

Kade Young encourages worship leaders to be organized.

Take things a week at a time.

You can save a ton of time and frustration by taking things a week at a time. I used to plan the worship set (especially new songs) several weeks in advance. Now, I plan worship every Monday – only six days in advance (even when we have a new song). You may be thinking, “That is not enough time for the band to learn a new song!”. But, I have found that it is plenty of time, and let me tell you why.

It is human nature to wait until the last minute. So, even when I would plan several weeks in advance, the band would wait to put in the effort until the week of. After realizing this, it clicked: why take the time to plan several weeks in advance when no one would even take advantage of my extra effort?

There is something extremely freeing about focusing on one week at a time. It relieves a load of stress and simplifies your job as a worship leader.

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