5 Ways to Lead Your Team Spiritually, Not Just Musically

Worship leader Rob Rash writes about leading your team:

How Are You Leading Your Team… Spiritually?

This is an area of ministry that often gets overlooked yet is absolutely vital for a healthy team. It’s really easy to mis place the priority of spiritual leadership in both our families and our worship teams so we must vigilant. With staff meetings, team meetings, podcasts, worship planning, song planning, weekly tasks, creative teams, and more, spiritual leadership can be pushed to the back burner.

It’s completely understandable and you can even push it off onto small groups, weekend preaching/teaching, and even personal devotional times. But should we leave it up to chance?

As a leader, you provide oversight for the team not only musically but spiritually. – Bob Kauflin Worship Matters

You’re a Pastor

Regardless of whether or not you are a ‘pastor’ your role moves beyond just leading worship. For a bit more in depth look at the differences between a worship pastor, worship leader, and song leader, be sure to check out this post.

If you are leading a team, be it a large or small one, you have a responsibility to be the spiritual leader. It doesn’t have to be a graduate course study on the book of Romans but even just giving passage to think about and pray through could be a great place to start.

If you’re not leading you’re team spiritually or have let it slide, consider this your friendly reminder. And to get you started here are.

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Leadership

Scripture – Share with your team a passage of scripture and ask them to consider it’s meaning to your worship and to their individual lives. You can send it out at the beginning of the week or just share it with them at rehearsal. You can either pick one out that you, personally have been challenged by, or use one that reflects the message of your worship.

Prayer – Prayer is such a powerful tool and so easy to do, but you have to do it and be authentic. Pray with your team, before, after, or both about your worship, God’s grace, and even what’s happening in each other’s lives. Keep it real honest too, from the heart.

Devotional – There are literally thousands of devotionals available and if you don’t have one, you should buy one today. You can use the classics like Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost for His Highest, or a more modern classic like Experiencing God Day by Day from the Blackaby’s, or you could use a worship devotional. There are lots of options and they are great to share with your team.

Bible Reading Plan – Challenge your team to read through a book of the bible or a reading plan from One of my favorites is the 30 day Gospel plan. It’s easy to do and keeps everyone on the same page. Or you could lead your team through a book of the bible covering a chapter a week. The best way to grow in our relationship with Jesus is through reading and applying His word. Do it as a team.

Worship – How often do you get to worship with your team? I’m not talking about worship rehearsals or weekend services, but rather worship just for your team. Schedule a night and have a time of worship. Encourage your team to lead and suggest songs and just spend some time worshiping.

Don’t just lead your team musically, lead them spiritually.


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