5 Ways To Use Technology At Your Church

Matthew Starner, Director of Worship & Arts at Journey of Faith in Grand Rapids, Michigan gives 5 unique tips for technology:

5. Get On Facebook

Unless you’ve been under a technological rock for the last 5 years, Facebook is pretty much the biggest thing since, well, the internet. Right now, Facebook boasts some 800 million active members. In the United States, more than half of adults are active on Facebook. In short, if your church doesn’t have a presence on Facebook, you’re missing out.

What makes Facebook popular and why it works so well for churches is that it’s all about interaction. Websites are more one-sided: come here and read about or watch what’s happening. Facebook is a place for people to not only read about your church but comment, ask questions, start discussions and engage in community. Yes there are ways to do those things off of Facebook, but if that’s where people are, why not go to them? Continue reading.


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