5 Worship Team Volunteer Traits Every Worship Leader Looks For


In this article by Michael Waring, five important traits for worship team volunteers are discussed. These traits are meant to reflect true Kingdom values and help create a healthy and successful worship ministry.

1. Foundational Faith: It is crucial for team members to actively pursue their faith in Jesus. They serve as examples of a life of worship for the larger community, even during difficult times.

2. Reliability: Being consistently available and punctual is key to being a valuable team member. Balancing one’s commitments ensures that serving in the ministry does not cause unnecessary stress or conflicts.

3. Resourcefulness: Team members should be able to find answers on their own, especially regarding scheduling and music preparation, using resources like Planning Center and Worship Online. This trait frees up the worship leader’s time and encourages self-sufficiency.

4. Relational: Ministry is about people, so it’s essential to build relationships with others on the team and in the community. Love and encouragement should flow between members as they lead others in worship.

5. Teachability: A willingness to learn, grow, and receive feedback demonstrates humility and the desire to improve one’s abilities. This trait helps create unity within the team as members work towards common goals.

Worship leaders play a significant role in guiding their teams towards these traits by communicating values, providing feedback, and celebrating growth. By embodying these five traits, volunteers can create a positive impact on their church’s worship team and inspire others around them to grow closer to God through worship.

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