7 Metrics Every Church Marketer Must Track

Metrics matter for church growth and outreach, but diving into the data can seem overwhelming for pastors. This guide breaks down seven must-know metrics into practical takeaways for ministry.

Kenny Jahng explains unique pageviews, percentage of new visitors, and other website analytics that reveal a church’s digital reach and resonance. You’ll learn metrics for gauging communication effectiveness, such as keeping track of email open rates, tracking sign-ups and leads, social media and video engagement, and more. All of it gives great insight into community interest and engagement and helps you discover what content and formats best connect with those in your community.

While the metrics may initially seem intimidating, Jahng provides simple, actionable analysis to get you going. Pastors focused on understanding their congregation’s needs and nurturing growth will find this a vital resource. By starting with these key metrics, church leaders can make data-driven decisions that bear fruit in their communities.

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