8 Actions To Take On Monday When Sunday Was A Disaster

Bud Brown on recovering from “one of those Sundays” when nothing seems to go right:

We’ve all had “one of those Sundays” when nothing seems to go right. The sound system was giving you all kinds of trouble. Videos were being fired at the wrong time. Team members didn’t know their music. Feedback. Frustration. Feelings hurt. It was far from the kind of experience that you want to have for your guests. To put it plainly … it was a train wreck.

When Sunday is a total write off where do you start to rebuild on Monday? Here are some steps to move forward as a church leader in building positive momentum as we look to the future.

Get Out of Bed. // I’ve had those Monday’s where all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and sleep the day away. Don’t. Set your alarm and force yourself out of bed. Next Sunday is coming and you need to respond today.

Write Some Thank You Notes. // Even in the midst of the toughest day there are always team members that shine … sometimes it’s because of a tough day that they shine even brighter. Take some time to thank those team members first. Doing this before you jump into the details helps focus you on the people side of solutions.

Take Responsibility. // When good stuff happens in your church it’s always because your team did such a great job. When things go wrong it’s your job as a leader to take responsibility. Take a deep breath and figure out what part of the problem is yours and own it all. Owning the problem and finding the solution will grow your leadership influence. Assigning blame and pointing fingers will only shrink your influence.

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