Am I Supporting Heresy?

Editor’s note: Artist and worship leader Shaun Groves wonders if he should be using worship songs that come from a ministry with questionable theology. He doesn’t mention the ministry so I’ll save you the Google search: it’s Bethel Church, and here’s a summary of what their pastor is teaching. For further thought, read the WorshipIdeas article Should You Sing Good Songs by Bad People?

“Heretic” is an overused word isn’t it? We slap that label on anyone who disagrees with us.

Real heresy is a belief in opposition to a central belief of historically orthodox Christianity. (Justin Holcomb defines heresy more completely here than I have space for.)

Central belief – not a difference of opinion on homosexuality, evolution, women in ministry, or the superiority of the King James version. Central beliefs are things like…well, I think we can all agree that the divinity of Jesus is central right?


Historically orthodox Christianity teaches what theologians call “hypostatic union“. In plain English? Jesus is somehow mysteriously both fully human and fully divine. (Colossians 2:9, John 10:28-30, John 1:1-5, Mark 2:5-7, Hebrews 1:8-11)

Ted (not his real name) pastors a large congregation renowned for writing and recording a great deal of modern worship music now sung in churches across America and around the world. In fact, the church acts as a record label signing, recording, distributing and profiting from many artists. And Ted believes Jesus was not divine.

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