Nativity Scene Idea

An Easy Christmas Eve Add-On

Christmas Eve is coming before you know it, and you’re probably starting to fret about creating a memorable service. Don’t sweat it! We’ve got a simple idea to make your Christmas Eve extra special. An interactive nativity display can add a creative new element to delight your church.

Here’s what you do:

Set up some tables in your fellowship hall or foyer. Drape those tables in black fabric—it makes the nativity scenes pop! String up some Christmas lights for a little extra twinkle.

Then, invite your congregation to bring in their treasured nativities from home. Ask them to include a photo of their family and a paragraph about why their nativity is special. This gives folks a chance to share their traditions.

To really spotlight each nativity, have people bring battery-operated candles or mini lights. Keep the room dim so the nativities glow in the candlelight. Very peaceful, very moving.

While people wander and admire the nativities, have some musicians play quiet, meditative tunes in the background. Or just use a nice instrumental Christmas playlist if live music is too tricky.

This nativity display makes a perfect pre- or post-service activity on Christmas Eve. It gets people engaged and sets a reverent mood. Little fuss required on your part!

Now, if you wanna kick things up a festive notch, make it brighter and more upbeat. Use cheery Christmas tunes as folks peruse the nativities. Set up info tables about your church ministries to get new folks connected.

However you arrange it, a hands-on nativity display is a surefire way to delight your congregation on Christmas Eve. It reminds them of the true meaning of the season in a fresh, interactive way.


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