23 Top Churches on YouTube

With so many people using YouTube every day, that’s where churches have the greatest opportunities to have a presence, to be salt and light in the world, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Role of a Worship Pastor

Worship Pastor’s have a lot of responsibilities, but what is the actual role of a Worship Pastor? Matt McCoy from Loop Community and Worship Pastor & author Zac Hicks sat down to discuss it!

Create Unity Between Tech Team & Worship Team

In this video Kade Young is joined by Jimmy Cooper from HeyWorshipLeader.com. Jimmy shares his tips for helping the worship team and the tech team to work as one, in great harmony and unity.

Question: Is Your Church A Worshiping Church?

This week, assess your church’s health by using these questions to evaluate your church’s approach to each of the purposes of the church: worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, prayer, and fellowship.

Summer Slump

Worship Leaders, don’t you just pull your hair out in summer time? People take off for vacation and you’re left scrambling for players and vocalists. What to do?

Problem: I can’t schedule praise team singers for rehearsals.

Solution: Cherry-pick the favorite, familiar songs that you’ve been learning and using all year. Meet a little earlier than usual on Sunday morning for an extended rehearsal (instead of trying to get them together one evening during the week.) Your singers should know the songs and you’ll be able to coast on auto-pilot for a few weeks. Get a few more vocal/instrumental solos lined up to fill in the holes (it’s easier to rehearse with just 1 or 2 people.)

Problem: My band falls apart during the summer.

Solution: Plan to do a stripped down, more acoustic coffeehouse type set with fewer players. Believe it or not, you can worship without screaming guitars. If you need a big sound, dig into multitracks. They come in all shapes and sizes these days, from technically elaborate setups to simple apps you can run on your phone. Try doing 2 or three upbeat songs with tracks, then do a ballad or two with keyboard and/or guitar.

Guest worship leaders are another wonderful solution. There might be an aspiring Christian artist in your town who would be available to fill in on a Sunday morning for a small honorarium and the permission to sell merch. At my last church I’d call on a folky female duo (kind of like a Christian version of the Indigo Girls) who had made a custom CD and performed regionally at youth camps to lead worship when I was out of town. And in today’s economy you might be surprised how inexpensively you can book a fairly well known Christian artist.

>Bottom Line: Go easy on your volunteers during the summer. Avoid rehearsals if necessary by using familiar songs and use technology to fill in your missing instrumentalists.

The Importance of Song Selection

As worship leaders, it’s important to choose the songs we’re adding to our setlists with thoughtfulness and care. It’s not always best to choose the newest song or most popular song.



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