How the COVID Shutdown Changed our Church

Sundays during the pandemic shutdown were dramatically different. Children’s ministry leaders were trying to figure out how to minister to kids without being in the room. Parents truly realized their role as spiritual leaders when they couldn’t drop kids off in a classroom. We all quickly began to see what had worked in our discipleship of families and what had not been working.

What’s the Best Lighting Setup?

Like cooking, you start with a basic recipe and then season to your own taste. But remember one universal rule: It’s not about the video, it’s about who the video is meant to serve.

Best Software for Church Live Stream

The first step to a good looking live stream is the right lighting. Once the lighting is in place, the right camera can make a huge impact. However, what’s the point of a good looking livestream if nobody sees it? Join in the discussion with Kade Young and special guest Jake Gosselin.

Think Outside The Box

In the post-COVID days to come, the church will need to continue to lean strongly into their online ministries, giving them much emphasis to reach people in new and innovative ways. We should look for creative ways to utilize our worship ministries to engage people online with the message of the gospel.

Worship Leader…When Is Your Sabbath? – David W. Manner

Congregations should put guardrails in place to invest more deeply and meaningfully in the lives and future ministry of their worship leaders. It is very important to remember this throughout the year for the health and well being of our worship leaders.

Worship Leader Burnout

Especially during hectic holiday seasons if you feel that burned-out feeling coming on, recognize it and deal with it head-on so you can have a productive, balanced and healthy ministry.

A Video Desk Setup

We’re all on video a lot more than we were last year. Whether that’s a Zoom call for work, a live stream for church, Bible study or a fun lockdown side project. Whatever is taking up your internet bandwitdth, there’s a video desk setup that could help you produce better videos and zoom chat.



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