How To Introduce New Worship Songs

Introducing new songs can kill worship. Here are nine ways to help your congregation become familiar with and sing the new songs you introduce to them

5 Clever Church Newsletter Alternatives To Use In 2021

Are you still publishing a church newsletter? Or has it become too labor-intensive and expensive? In this article, we’ll cover some clever church newsletter alternatives that you’ll be able to start using as soon as today.

Your Church’s Fall 2021 Growth Opportunity

Fall 2021 represents an unprecedented opportunity for your church to invite more people to come to be a part of your community. Join the discussion on how to reach out to more families this coming Autumn.

Remember These 5 Tips When Planning Creative Elements For Your Church

Understandably, some people are hesitant about the idea of adding fun or creative elements to something as sacred as a church service. In the following article, Kendall Conner breaks down the meaning and importance of creative elements and how you can spread it throughout the church congregation.



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