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Can’t Get the Mix Right: Blame Your Eyes

Chris Huff addresses common mix complaints.

One sentence. One sentence should drive music mixing.

Close your eyes and listen.

What you SEE affects what you THINK you should HEAR.

“I can’t hear the keyboard.”
“I can’t hear the bass.”
“I can’t hear my wife.”

Ah, words spoken by the seeing.

“I can’t hear the keyboard,” the intern said to me. She trusted her eyes. She was subconsciously saying, “I can’t hear the keyboard as loud as the other instruments.”

For some reason, the eyes convey the idea, “If I see it then I should clearly hear it.” But the ears have been listening to music for years. Whether it’s songs on the radio, iPhone, or 8-track player (remember those?), the ears have been listening to PRODUCED MUSIC. This is music produced, in a studio, with mix nuances in EQ and volume. The ears hear the music. The eyes see the individual musicians.

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