OMG church

Church Hangs OMG Sign


St Paul’s Anglican in Caulfield North, Australia hangs ‘OMG’ sign outside Church, sparking an Internet frenzy.

The Rev. Howard Langmead of St Paul’s Anglican Church , located on Dandenong Road in Caulfield North, Australia, said that the church chose to post two billboards donning the phrase around its premises to “catch attention and be unexpected.”

“People forget what they are actually saying when they say ‘OMG’,” the Rev. Langmead told the Port Phillip Leader. The term “OMG” is used in popular culture as an abbreviation for the exclamation “Oh My God,” which many Christians traditionally see as offensive, as it uses the Lord’s name in vain.

“We’re reclaiming ‘oh my God’ for the church,” he added.

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