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A while back I wrote the article at called “Music=Growth?” I used to think that good music grows a church. While it doesn’t hurt, I don’t believe that anymore. Here’s another example.

When was the last time you went to a movie or watched a TV show because of the music? Probably never.

Sure, some movies/TV shows are notable for their music. John Williams is famous for his lush orchestral scores, but did you rush to see the latest Indiana Jones flick because he scored the film?

The Matrix was not only renowned for special effects (bullet time) but also for Don Davis’s unique score, but that’s not why the film was so popular.

You go to a movie or watch your favorite show because of the message, the storyline. Maybe you like the actor and watch all his movies.

People go to church because of the message, the storyline. They probably like the preacher.

A stirring movie score sure helps set the mood of the film, doesn’t it? You might even leave the theater humming the theme. Great music helps set the mood of your worship service, and people will leave with a catchy praise song or hymn on their lips.

When a movie is hitting on all cylinders – great actors, great storyline, great director, great music – what a blockbuster, and what a viewing pleasure. Only a handful of the many movies made each year hits this stride.

And when a church hits on all cylinders with a great preacher, great staff and great music, you hear about it, too.


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