Church Plant Tech

Jesse Gruber discusses the free/cheap tech that church planters can start using now.

Planting a church from scratch nowadays is a difficult undertaking, but I can’t imagine what it was like in the book of Acts! Technology is widely available and cheaper than ever here in 2014. This article is here to help get you started with planting a church with little to no budget.

Utilize Free Services

There is a ton of free tech that church planters can start using strait away. From the get go, I recommend diving into a free ecosystem to help organize your plant. We at Missio Dei chose Google for their extensive free catalog, portability, and reliability, but there are plenty of free ecosystems out there that you can use.

 I’ve already written about “going Google” in the past (here and here to be more precise), so follow those links to catch up. I’ll throw another service or two for you to try out, as well as link you back to Steve’s article on some organizational tools too. All for just three easy payment of….. nothing! Absolutely free! Ok enough with the jibber jabber. Let’s get to it.

  • Evernote– Evernote is a great way to get organized. I know several pastors and teams who use Evernote for both personal and collaborative projects, and it’s definitely a competent ecosystem. Basic plans are free, but there is a premium service that increases upload sizes and unlocks important collaboration features. It’s portable too: Chrome, Desktop apps, iOS, Android, and even Windows phone.  You’ll have access anywhere you go. A while back I wrote a little review of it, but I wasn’t sold on it then. Today, it’s my go-to organizer for my personal life. Give it a whirl.

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