Confessions of a Worship Drummer: Use a Click

If your drummer refuses to use a click track give him or her this article by Josh Ebersole.

I first started using a metronome about 2 years ago and at first I was completely against it. The thought of having something dinging in my ear for 30 minutes didn’t sound like fun.

The first time I ever used a metronome was for a song called God You Reign by Lincoln Brewster. It has a simple beat but you can speed up and slow down very easily with it.

Our guitar player who was also a drummer and my mentor urged me to use a metronome because he was more than likely sick of me speeding up and slowing down. It’s completely understandable.

It was definitely tough getting used to using one. I would stop it all the time because I would get off beat and get messed up. I would get really discouraged and frustrated. But like everything in life, you have to try and work hard to get good at it.

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