Contagious Worship Music

Amanda Furbeck offers a great example of how to engage others in our worship music:

Is your worship music contagious? Do your songs draw people in, point them to Jesus, and help them give words to their praise? We don’t have to be worship superstars to create an atmosphere of excitement, joy, and worship. And yet, even when we are in the midst of worshipping, we may be unknowingly distracting others from being able to worship by the emotions or body movements that we project. So how can we be mindful of the environment we create while we worship our Lord and Savior?

I must confess, I love to watch videos of The Piano Guys in action. Their music is interesting, creative, beautiful, and well-rehearsed. But it is their videos that really draw me in. Why? Because their enthusiasm for their music is infectious. I spent some time watching the performances on their YouTube channel to figure out what it is that makes them so fun to watch. Here’s what I noticed.

They’re having fun!
If you watch the Piano Guys perform, you’ll see them smile, laugh, and bounce to their music. They have a playful attitude during fun songs, and a sincere attitude during somber songs. If I were to look in the mirror when I’m leading worship, what would I see? Would I see a happy, light-hearted attitude reflecting a joyful heart or a pained expression and a furrowed brow, reflecting an intense level of concentration? It’s ok to put on your thinking face when you’re taking the SATs, but what should our faces reflect when we’re singing of the greatness of our God, his amazing miracles, or His unending love? Are we like Moses when he came down from Mt. Sinai, reflecting the glory of God to others, or are we just revealing the cold, leftover pizza we ate for breakfast on our way to church? We often don’t realize the faces that we make when we are working hard to worship, but the people in our congregation would probably have a stronger desire to join in praising God if worship looked enjoyable rather than painful.

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