David Crowder

David Crowder Band Will Play One of Its Last Shows in Grand Rapids


Not only is his David Crowder Band ending its 12-year run, he is leaving his position as a music leader at University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

“You’d think I’d be scared,” Crowder, 39, said from his Waco-area home. “But I’ve always felt like there’s enough light for the next step. And that’s what I’m doing — one step at a time.”

Crowder and his band will perform for the last time in early January, just days before the release of their final album. They also will perform Saturday at The Orbit Room.

The inspirational pop-rock group has amassed a string of diverse but worship-themed hits: from its early “O Praise Him” to anthems such as “Everything Glorious” and “Here is Our King.”

But that is about to end. Continue reading.


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