The Purpose Behind Excellent Easter Production

Easter and Christmas are the most attended services for churches across America. These are incredible opportunities to reach unbelievers with the gospel message. Unfortunately many churches miss this chance due to inadequate preparation and planning.

Months in advance, the church begins the process of creating a memorable experience that will draw people back for regular services. Attendance spikes about 250% for Easter and Christmas compared to other Sundays. While numbers don’t define church health, the church would miss out on reaching many if it didn’t take these services seriously.

The lead pastor sets the sermon direction. Then ministry leaders meet to align everything with that vision. In follow-ups, the team ensures all details come together. The creative team makes the ideas reality. The church incorporates theatrical elements in the intro and outro, with a more typical worship set in between. The goal is an excellent, distraction-free, Jesus-focused service to impact new people.

No matter the church’s production value, the church should keep this in mind – if people encounter Jesus, it has succeeded. On Easter, the resurrection message matters most. All glory goes to Him.


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