Finding the Right Keyboard Part 1


Purchasing the right keyboard for your worship ministry is a complicated task. With so many types available you need to analyze your needs before you visit the music store.

A keyboard performs three main roles in today’s worship:

1. Underscoring – playing softly under prayers and readings as well as connecting songs using a pad (string-type sounds) or keyboard patch. Keyboard sounds are usually acoustic piano patches or electric (Wurlitzers (Wurlys) or Rhodes.)

2. Sonic sweetening – strings, B3 organ, gurgling pads and lead synth sounds in guitar driven songs.

3. Driving – a balanced musical worship diet will include both guitar driven and keyboard driven songs. A realistic acoustic piano patch is a must for when the keyboard takes the lead.

Your worship style will dictate which keyboard you should buy. If your worship style is blended you’ll want a keyboard with a great piano sound and touch (Roland/Yamaha.) If you do modern worship you’ll want a keyboard that specializes in synthy sounds and B3 (Nord/Korg.)

Next week: I’ll tell you what to look for in a keyboard and reveal my favorite brand.


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