First Call

First Call’s Original Demo Tape

If you’ve been a longtime CCM fan you probably remember the vocal trio First Call (I LOVED them and would get ensembles together in church to sing their hits like “The Reason We Sing”) Melodie Tunney posts on Facebook how her husband Dick recently found their original demo tape! She writes:

Back in 1985, Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall and I started a studio group in Nashville. We pooled our contacts, came up with the name “First Call”, and put a demo together with some individual and group clips surrounded by acapella moments. The other day, Dick Tunney was cleaning out our garage and stumbled on this cassette demo. He took it to our studio and was able to transfer it from that old cassette into a digital copy – and what a treasure this demo is! THIS was the beginning of First Call. If you have 5 minutes to listen, it’s pretty special! (And by the way, this was before auto tune was ever invented – ha!)

Hear it:

Link to the original Facebook post.


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