Get Creative with Church Video Projector Designs

Ryan Holck says the Church could learn a few things about Disney’s dreaming:

At Disney’s California Adventure there is a room called The Blue Sky Cellar. This room showcases the newest projects, dreams and plans that Disneyland is working on. They invite you to follow a project from the no holds barred “ Blue Sky” dreams of the Disney Imagineers to the final delivery and public unveiling.

Walking through the building is an incredible lesson in dreaming big. Each Disney project begins with a Blue Sky session. During these sessions the goal is to dream of the project possibilities, not get bogged down in the what if’s and budget concerns. There will be time to be realistic later, first they want to consider the creative options. Often the process of dreaming reveals solutions they never would have considered if they had started with the what if’s.

The church could learn a few things from this process.

When it comes to technology and creative visuals we approach projects with our list of what if’s and derail the process before it has even begun.

As you read through this list of creative options for your church video projector I encourage you to dream. You might find a solution in the process that makes the idea become reality.


This is the most common projection use in churches. While it is not new, it is still incredible effective. If you are just transitioning to using projectors or looking to expand it is a good place to start.

There are 2 main set-ups to consider

  • 2 Screens – Typically hung on the outside edges of the stage with matching content sent to each screen. This can help tremendously is you are in a wide building.
  • 2 + 1 Screens – This takes the previous design and adds a center screen to the mix. Most set ups give you the option to send different content to the outside and center screens. This way you can add a video feed, show slides or include sermon illustrations without having all the screen remain the same.

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