Guidelines For A Strong Worship Team

Mark Cole writes that clear guidelines and standards are essential for worship teams in any quality organization. He shares the expectations he sets for the worship teams he works with, inspired by Gateway Church’s code of conduct and his own experience.

Guidelines for Worship Ministry

Worship team members must have a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This should be demonstrated through prayer, Bible reading, and church fellowship. They should also be committed attendees and givers at their church, regularly attending Sunday services.

Moreover, they must show technical competence in their role as a singer, musician, or audio/media technician. Singers and musicians should feel comfortable on stage and be expressive in their praise and worship before God. Faithful attendance and a commitment to practicing at least an hour per week on their Sunday songs at home are also crucial

Commitment to a Godly Lifestyle

Worship team members should live a lifestyle above reproach, avoiding even the appearance of evil. As ministers on stage, they serve as examples of what a Christian should be like. Consequently, they must consider how they treat each other and guard their hearts from impurities and pride.

The church wants to see worship team members living a victorious Christian life, free from bondage. If anyone struggles with addictions or issues, they should seek help from leadership without fear of judgment. Team members should address issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual immorality, prideful attitudes, anger and rage problems, inability to submit to leadership, gossiping, stirring up strife, and living an unbiblical lifestyle before taking on any public ministry position.

Dress Code Guidelines

Dress codes may vary depending on the size and type of church. However, modesty and a dressy, culturally relevant style are key. Specific guidelines include avoiding overly tight clothing, short skirts or dresses, low-cut dresses, sleeveless tops without a covering, revealing clothing, and gaudy or oversized jewelry.

Sunday morning attire for men includes nice shirts, pants, and optional jackets, sweaters, or vests. Ladies should wear nice tops with pants, skirts, or knee-length dresses. They should avoid tight pants or leggings without a mid-thigh length top. Dark dress jeans are acceptable, but old, baggy, or ripped jeans are not. Stick to neutral tones and avoid loud prints.

Scheduling and Rehearsal Requirements

Band members and singers are typically scheduled once or twice per month based on their availability and the monthly service schedules. Arriving on time and ready for music practice is essential for presenting excellent and anointed worship music. A strong rehearsal is necessary because the more the team practices, the freer they are to worship and lead others in worship. Team members should learn their instrumental and vocal parts before attending the mid-week rehearsal.

Tips for Better Platform Presence

To improve platform presence, worship team members should practice in front of a mirror, be engaging, and make adjustments if something appears awkward. They should not let the congregation determine their level of expression. As leaders, they must always be engaged and show an example of how to express worship.

Furthermore, sincerity, worshipping from the heart, and giving a warm smile are essential, as they minister to people from all different circumstances. Musicians should stay engaged in worship, practicing ahead of time and memorizing their music to focus on worship rather than their instrument. Singing while playing and moving around the stage can help people worship.

Additionally, singers and musicians should work on developing eye contact with the congregation to help bring them into worship. Closing their eyes all the time can leave the congregation feeling disconnected.

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