Hillsong Parody Video

Hillsong Parody Video


Wow – somebody out there doesn’t like Hillsong Church very much. This is quite the elaborate video – anybody out there know who’s behind it? Comment below if you know anything.

Update: Thanks for the info, everyone. This video is from the Australian TV show “The Chaser’s War On Everything” which I suppose is like our “Saturday Night Live.”

I find things like this, though offensive, to be very interesting. Evidently, Hillsong has reached the public consciousness in Australia where they’re being mocked by comedy shows. I’ve met Hillsong musicians Ruben Morgan and Ben Fielding and they’re great guys with great hearts for worship. But Hillsong does preach a heavy health and wealth message and that seems to be a big turn-off to the world. One commenter on the YouTube site said he lives close to Hillsong  and calls the church the “Till on the Hill.”

I remember “Saturday Night Live” doing regular sketches years ago about televangelist Jim Bakker during his scandal (complete with comedienne Jan Hooks doing a mascara-dripping version of Tammy Faye.) I don’t ever recall any comedy sketches about Billy Graham. Maybe when the world uses you for comedic fodder it’s time to re-evalute.


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