How Any Musician Can Develop Their Unique Sound

David Santistevan encourages musicians to mimic what they love.

If you’re a musician, you want to be original.

To have your sound. To be unique. The problem with being original is that it’s a myth. We are all a product of our influences.

Those who are considered the most original are those who know how to wield seemingly incompatible influences into something unique.

We all desire this. If you’re a worship leader, you want to lead with a unique style that is honest to your personality.

If you sing, drum, play guitar, or cello, you want to discover your unique tone and style.

But how do we “find our voice”? How do we discover our uniqueness?

Don’t Limit Your Influences

We all like the things that we like. Profound, right? But if you want to find your voice and develop your sound, don’t put a cap on what you’re influenced by. Classical music? Hip hop? Southern Gospel? Country? Sure.

Don’t just listen and learn from what you naturally like. Expand your horizon of musical taste. Always be risking, experimenting, trying something new.

Then, rather than focusing on being different, you start to focus on stewarding your influences into something unique.

Of course, some influences may be harmful to your spirit, but that’s another conversation.

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