An Encouraging Message for Church Volunteers This Christmas

The Christmas season is an extremely busy time for churches. Most churches ramp up rehearsals and events starting in November. Volunteers have to give up a lot during this time as their schedules fill up quick. Evenings and weekends are consumed with long work days followed by church volunteer work.

It’s easy to feel burned out and grumpy during this time of year. So a change in perspective can be crucial to staying joyful. Instead of focusing on the workload, try to view your busy schedule as an act of worship. Your efforts help create an environment where people can wholeheartedly engage in worshipping God. And that does not go unnoticed by God. He sees your efforts, even when it feels like others don’t. When you keep your eyes Him, nothing you do is pointless or invaluable. Lives are being transformed, and your work is being used to do it.

Rather than burnout, you may find yourself embracing the crazy season. On December 31st, God will look at you and say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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