How Not to Worship Your Worship

Singing “I love you, Lord” can be a moving worship experience. But there are cautions to balance the emotion. Though the Psalms contain passionate expressions, the emphasis is on God’s steadfast love for us. Our feelings fluctuate, so basing worship on our fickle devotion rather than Christ’s unwavering love is precarious. Singing is meant to remind each other of God’s worthiness, not just to emote. And lip service must be backed up by obedience and service. While lyrics professing love for God can be edifying, it’s more foundational to dwell on Christ’s love demonstrated through his sacrifice on the cross. Our faulty love is dependent on his perfect love. So sing praise, but even more, live out that praise through following Jesus in thanks for his grace. Proclaiming affection without actually loving God rings hollow. So temper emotional lyrics with these perspectives.

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