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How Production Design Changed My View Of Church

Hey my name is Peter aka NUBSY and I spend my days working for Hillsong Church as a production designer working on the way our church buildings and conferences look. I thought I’d try (as succinctly as possible) to explain why I’m so passionate about what I do.

When I was thirteen years old a friend at school invited me along to our youth ministry. I remember walking into the foyer and being so blown away by the scale and splendour of the place. All I had known of church was small, derelict old buildings, half empty and cold. So for me to walk into a building full of life and noise and colour instantly blew all my preconceptions out of the water. My walls were down and I was receptive and open to what God was trying to do in my life. Lots of people ask why we would put so much time and effort into the staging, lights and design of our buildings. The answer is something I think about a lot. We are all about reaching and helping as many people as possible and we want to remove any obstacles people might have between them and God. Creating a space where people feel comfortable to come as they are is huge when your mandate is to reach the lost.

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