Carlos Whittaker

How the Worship Leader’s Job Is Changing

Carols Whittaker explains how the full-time worship leader job may be vanishing:

I’ve been a “worship leader” for a looooooong time. Started full time circa 1998.

Now I’ve been blessed to be able to do many things in the ministry and now worship leading is probably only 1/5th of my job.

Yet I’ve seen the “job” change in various ways.

I’ve seen the church handle the “job” in various ways.

It’s an interesting definition for sure and I appreciate how different churches handle it in different ways.

Right now I’m seeing a small shift in what some churches are doing.

I’m seeing many small and large churches shift from hiring a full time “worship leader” to hiring a full time “Sunday Producer” and contracting out worship leaders.

The argument for this shape of staffing goes like this…
1. Our church gets to hear from 3 or 4 rotating worship leaders and it keeps things fresh.
2. The salary of a full time worship leader is actually more than if we contract them in. And they save money on health care ect.
3. The weekly and Sunday worship leader responsibilities don’t warrant a full time role..

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