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How to Get New Musicians (and Keep Them)

Kade Young says productive rehearsals lead to an empowered, attractive team.

As I meet with those who lead worship (especially those at smaller churches), I often get the question, “How have you been able to keep a full worship band over the years?”  I have not be able to adequately answer this question until now.

When I helped start a church plant 7 years ago, I started with a full band.  There was about 20 of us who started the church, so almost half the church was the worship team.  Recruiting the initial team was fairly easy considering I had plenty of friends and family members who were musicians.  This was a result of my years involved with high school band, choir and my youth group worship team.

As the years progressed, the worship team changed.  Some folks left for other opportunities and others simply decided they didn’t want to be a part anymore.  However, there has always been a replacement show up right in time.

Following are the things I believe have helped me maintain a fully staffed worship team over the years.  Implementing these principles will help you develop a healthy and vibrant worship team that will continually attract new team members.

Productive rehearsals lead to an empowered, attractive team.

Have you ever left rehearsal feeling like you made no progress?  We all have.  However, it is important to diagnose the problem.  I have found that it stems from one of the following three things:

  1. The worship leader was not prepared (didn’t have goals set for the practice, didn’t know their own part, etc).
  2. The worship leader did not send out the resources needed for the team to prepare (chord charts, mp3s, etc).
  3. The worship leader did not lead the practice.  They just let things happen and did not put a stop to time wasters, like musicians playing their instrument when they shouldn’t.

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