How to Have a Powerful Easter Worship Service

In just a few days, thousands of churches all over the world will celebrate Easter. Some churches will have Easter egg hunts for the kids. Other churches will have elaborate cantatas, drama productions, or extended times of music. Some churches will celebrate the Lord’s Supper. In some assemblies, the pastor will deliver a message on the resurrection, and the church will have a fellowship meal together. Regardless of how a church commemorates this day, nearly all churches have one thing in common–they want to have a powerful Easter worship service. How can it be done?

Having a powerful Easter worship service isn’t about following five steps or adhering to a certain pattern. Powerful worship services aren’t the result of following rules. Powerful worship services are about following Jesus, and depending upon God’s grace. Nonetheless, these simple considerations may help you as you consider how to have a powerful Easter worship service.

Focus on Jesus in your Easter Sunday service. Easter isn’t about a date on a calendar. It’s not even primarily about an event. It is primarily about a person–the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus ought to be the focus of your Easter service. Preach Jesus. Talk about Jesus. Praise Jesus. Worship Jesus. Jesus is worthy of all our devotion and our love. Every Sunday–even every day–ought to be an experience of adoration and praise of Jesus, but on Easter Sunday you should take this to the next level. At the end of Easter Sunday, you should be able to look back and think: “Jesus was glorified by what we did today.”

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