Jason Vana

How To Up Your Church Graphics Game

Jason Vana says when it comes to your church communication tools, the quality of your graphics matter.

Just take a look around. High quality graphics are everywhere. They’re on our phones, on our TV’s, found throughout our favorite websites. Schools, organizations, even neighborhood associations have stepped up their game and produce high quality communication tools.

Gone are the days when a free piece of clip-art will suffice. Or a grainy image printed on the cover of your bulletin.

The Church should be no exception.

When we settle for sub-par church graphics in our bulletins, mailers, sermon graphics, flyers, slideshows, and any other communications avenue, we communicate a not-so-wanted message: we’re okay with sub-par work. That’s not the message we want visitors getting when they walk into our services.

So how can you up your graphics game without breaking the bank — especially if you serve in a smaller church that can’t hire someone on staff to do graphic design?

Here are a few resources to get better graphic design within your budget:

  • CreationSwap.com – This site offers church media shared or sold by thousands of Christian artists. They offer a large number of free graphic files, many of which are editable to your specific need. Their paid files are fairly priced, and many offer customization services. This was my to-go site when I worked in church communications!
  • Creative Commons – Here you can search a number of images online that offer a free to use, modify, and edit license, the only catch being you need to cite the image creator. This site works well for images on your website or blog.
  • Elance.com – This site allows you to post your graphic project, set a budget, and receive bids from graphic designers all over the world. It’s a great tool for a church with a small budget to find a graphic designer who can do their project within the budget.

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