Indian Buffet And Churches

Indian Food & Church


I love Indian food. There’s an Indian restaurant here in town that has the best Indian food I’ve ever had, and I’ve had Indian on both sides of the planet.

However, most Indian restaurants I’ve been to have a lunch buffet, and I love buffets of all shapes and sizes. This one does not. For years I’ve told the owner he needs a buffet, but he staunchly maintains that Indian food is not good sitting around in a buffet tray and must be prepared fresh.

Two months ago a brand new Indian buffet opened in town. It’s packed. You can’t find a parking spot. I go there at noon and it’s packed. I went there today at 1:30 and it’s packed [on Memorial Day, no less!]

I went to the non-buffet Indian restaurant last week. Empty. My buddy Cliff asked the owner “how’s business since the new place opened?”

“Terrible!” he replied. “Look at this place! It’s usually filled at lunch and no one is here.” He also reiterated how Indian food must be freshly prepared.

Well, I can see his point, but I do love buffets. I suppose a lot of people like buffets. And the new Indian buffet sure tastes fresh to me, especially when the place is packed and they’re continually bringing out new food.

So I guess the non-buffet owner will go out of business, sticking true to his principles of freshly prepared Indian food. A shame, really – Greenville is big enough to support two Indian buffets.

Hey churches – what dumb things are you staunchly upholding that are obstacles to growth? I’m not talking doctrines of the faith here, but man-made rules that turn off visitors. If you can’t think of any, try asking some people in your congregation that question and keep an open mind.


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