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“Less is More” in Practice

Roger O’Neel shares praise band principles:

We have had some great comments about the first post “Less is More” on both this site and a sister site worshipchat.com. Some of them stole my thunder on what I wanted to share in part 2 of this post. In the first post, I wanted to share the principle of less is more, and in this post I want to share what it looks like in practice. How do we do this?

1. Acknowledge your role.
What is your role in the band? Are you the bass player? drummer? keyboard player? Is your role primarily supportive of the melody? It it to set and keep the groove? Is your role a solo instrument? If so, when do you play?

2. Take only your share.
A common example of how we should be aware of our part in a group is the example of having a pie that the entire band would share. How much of the pie should one person take? If there are three different instruments playing, how much volume should each one have? Should one person have 50% of the “pie”? This is typically why bands overplay because each player tries to play more than their fair share.

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