Los Angeles Churches Make Worship… Hip?


Just before 10 a.m. on a sunny Sunday in November, a crowd gathered in front of a white modernist building here on Hollywood Boulevard. An inscription on its side, “H/N,” short for “Here and Now,” stood out from a block away.

Twenty- and 30-somethings spilled onto the steps and the lawn, dressed in crop tops, moto jackets, and jeans torn deliberately at the knees.

“How was your party last night?” a young woman in a shirt dress and bootees asked a guy in aviator sunglasses and a swath of chains. “I heard it was amazing.” He replied: “Girl, can you stop losing weight? You’re going to disappear.”

They sought not physical but spiritual nourishment. The building? Mosaic, a church that counts thousands of young people among its congregants, offering sermons rife with pop-culture references, musical performances that look like and a brand cultivated for social media. (Church events are advertised on Instagram; there’s a “text to donate” number).

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