Matt Chandler Returns to Pulpit After Leave of Absence over Inappropriate Messages


FLOWER MOUND, Texas – In a story that has captured the attention of the religious community, Pastor Matt Chandler of the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, returned to the pulpit on Sunday after completing a restoration plan approved by the church elders. The plan was put in place in August when Chandler took a leave of absence due to “inappropriate” social media messages exchanged with another woman.

According to a statement released by the Village Church elders on December 1st and posted online by the Roys Report, Chandler was asked to engage in a variety of activities, including “time spent in study and prayer, personal reflection, and multiple intensives with trusted outside experts.” The elders praised Chandler’s “submissiveness, steadfastness, and humility” throughout the process and expressed their encouragement by the positive feedback received from all involved parties.

The messages exchanged by Chandler, while not deemed “romantic or sexual in nature,” were considered to have “crossed a line” due to their “frequency and familiarity.” Although the elders did not believe the behavior warranted disqualification, they emphasized that they hold elders to a higher standard of conduct.

During his sermon on Sunday, Chandler addressed the situation, stating, “To humble ourselves before a living God gives us a shot at peace. I’ve got a part of this I’ve got to own. It might just be 1 percent, but that’s my 1 percent. Forgive me. Now we’ve got a shot at reconciliation.”

The elders explained that the restoration plan was developed based on a careful examination of the Scriptures, extensive prayer seeking God’s wisdom, and input from other church leaders. Coincidentally, Chandler’s return to the pulpit fell on his 20th anniversary at the Village Church. The elders clarified that while this date was not a target for his return, they felt it was inappropriate to delay his comeback to avoid the anniversary and instead chose to adhere to the original plan.

As Pastor Matt Chandler resumes his role at the Village Church, the congregation and the wider religious community will undoubtedly be watching to see how this story continues to unfold.


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