Meaningful Worship Roles for Kids

Betsy Hall shares ideas for including children in worship in meaningful ways:

There are many ways to involve children in worship. You’re probably already getting kids involved with roles like lighting the candles, ringing the bells, and handing out worship bulletins.

But the real challenge is involving them in meaningful ways that don’t simply put kids on display for the sake of being cute.

If it is important enough to do, then you need to help educate the kids on the why and how. (And educate the parents who drive them as well. One children’s minister has said “you get the parents through the kids” and she didn’t apologize.)

Here are six ways to involve kids in worship:

1. How many times have you used a funny, cute video of a kid in worship? Why not video one of your children or teens who has mature faith saying something profound. Kids can teach us alot about faith, we just need to listen.

2. Let children partner with an adult to help gather the offering and to help serve the communion elements. Help them understand the meaning of these rituals.

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