Memorizing Your Music

Laura Blankenship talks about her memorization techniques.


STEP 1 – Listen to the song and sing along learning the melody and the flow, if you don’t already know it.

STEP 2 – Take it a line at a time and memorize while you are doing something else. I always do my lyric memorization while I’m cooking dinner. At this point, you do not need to listen to the audio. Sing the first line until it is stuck in your head and then add the next line. Continue this process until you have verse 1 completely memorized. Move on to the next section of the song and repeat the process until you have the whole songs lyrically learned.

STEP 3 – Over the coarse of a couple of days, make sure you can sing the whole song in three different places. This may sound crazy, but if I learned a song in my kitchen, and I only practiced in my kitchen, when I get on stage at church I’m more likely to forget some lyrics. In order to more effectively memorize, I try for the kitchen, my car, and my living room while my kids are playing and see if I can sing the whole song. Definitely try singing the song through with distractions. We all know the congregation can be distracting at times causing us to stumble on our words.

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