Worship Leader Mentoring

By Tom Lane

Two things I remember from very early in my life, one is I loved my music and two, my identity was heavily attached to it. It was a challenge any time someone else got promoted or was praised besides me. I felt less than for some reason, funny how it starts early on.

Later I learned there’s so much talent in this big world and how sad if my worth is based on a comparison to any other. A friend who’s a legendary guitar player in his own right helped change that for me. He would stop in mid performance as if he was amazed at something I played or look at me across the stage with such affirmation and praise in his expression. It floored me because I knew in truth he was the amazing talent. What I realized is that it didn’t cost him anything to acknowledge and build me up. It made him stand out all the more and freed me to do the same with other players, feeling good about just being the best me I can.

We each can take steps to move over and make room for those around us. It’s a good practice and helps us to see who we are more honestly. It may be hard to prefer someone or pass an opportunity along that will lift another’s spirit but it will always come back to you! Give these a try if you haven’t already:

1. Adopt a younger Muso you know that needs encouraging in their gifts and talents.

2. Schedule regular time with them, to befriend and teach them anything you know and that has helped you. Pass it on!

3. Affirm their strengths and praise them any time you can. Gently encourage their weaknesses!

4. Bring them with you to do what you do, let them learn from you in a professional or ministry situation.

5. Develop your own internship program where they can begin to assist you on a regular basis for a specified time with any and everything from small to big.

6. Model and teach responsibility in all areas of life. Be available!

7. Give them the platform and opportunity occasionally with the grace to learn and fail in the process, fade into the background and let them shine!

8. Train your own replacement or sub.

9. When you’ve done all you can, help find another mentor or opportunity to usher them onto.

10. Commission and bless them as they go and let them go!

Mentoring sounds like and old man’s job really, that’s at least how I always thought of it. Sadly it took me too long in life to wake up to the truth that it’s a part of discipleship we’re all commissioned to do by Christ Himself. In fact the youngest of you can impact someone in your own world.

Hopefully you don’t feel threatened or guilted into anything but excited that what you have as an individual musician and as a band in any setting can be given away! Make it a part of who you are and what you do-you’re Vision!

Our positions and titles only entitle us to serve. Move over and make room!


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