My Visit to THAT Big Church

Eric Drew shares his observations of his local mega.

You know the one I’m talking about. It’s in your town, or close enough. They have the fancy lights, loud music, and they’re stealing our young families. That’s right, I visited THAT big church recently. Here’s what I saw:

The Good: Their service was full; actually, their three services were full. They had incredible energy because so many people were there. The energy and excitement didn’t greet me when I walked into the sanctuary, they had welcoming, enthusiastic greeters all the way into the parking lot. I knew where I was going, where my kids were going, and my whole family felt welcomed and expected. Their music sounded great. All of their multimedia and slides worked. Actually, they didn’t just work, they were well designed, tied together with the songs and theme for the service, and brought me deeper in my experience of worship.

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