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New School for Worship Training


I recently had lunch with Dr. Randall Bayne and was excited to hear about the upcoming National Praise and Worship Institute which is starting next year. It will be based in Nashville at Trevecca Nazarene University.

I’m all for contemporary training – my own church music degree was filled with classical training. Yes, the classics gave me a sound foundation but that’s all I had, and that hasn’t helped me much these days working with distorted guitar and synth pads. I hear they have some major talent on board since they’re in Nashville and have access to more music industry pros than the average university.

Dr. Bayne explained that the program is a two year, year-around, for credit certification program designed in a conservatory format where each student participates in a worship band. Their curriculum will be divided equally between theology, practical ministry application, performance and songwriting.

The program is designed for the person who desires a fast-track intensive preparatory program to become a worship pastor, for the person who has a degree but is now hearing the call to be a worship pastor and for the person who is serving in the church but needs to be re-tooled in the art and discipline of praise and worship.

Check out their website to learn more: NPWI.com.


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