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Not Everyone Can Thrive On the Tech Team

Mike Sessler says we have to get rid of the idea that just because someone wants to serve on the tech team they should.

When I was writing my previous post on ProPresenter training, it occurred to me that I haven’t written about the one thing that we never want to talk about as TDs; removing people from the tech team. It seems completely counter-intuitive, after all. We are told by leadership over and over we need to be growing our team; recruiting and expanding; adding more to the volunteer ranks. And while that’s true to some extent, the reality not everyone can thrive on the tech team. In fact, most cannot. I’ll say it again in case you missed it;

Not everyone can thrive on the tech team.

This is not meant to sound exclusive or arrogant. It’s not meant to make people feel bad. However, it is reality. Not everyone has the temperament or skill set to do a great job in tech. And that’s OK. We have to get rid of this idea that just because someone wants to serve on the tech team they should.

It Takes All Kinds

People volunteer for all kinds of reasons. Some people will fill out the form because the pastor asked for volunteers, and as someone who likes to serve and be helpful, they checked the Tech box. They may not have any ability or inclination to do it, but hey, they’re happy to try. There are a few areas people can serve where “happy to try” is acceptable. Tech is not one of them.

Some people have a little bit of background in production and will come to a new church and try to serve. These were often the ones I had the hardest time with. They may have been the “leper with the most fingers” at their last church (of 75 people) and could figure out how to push the fader up for the pastor’s mic. But standing behind a modern, large format digital console is a whole different ballgame. That’s OK. Don’t equate different with bad.

Some people volunteer because they think it will be fun, but they can’t figure out how to skip commercials on their DVR. They may not be the best choice for the tech team.

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