Poll 2012: Blended Or Guitar Driven Band?


2012: Blended Band or Guitar Driven Band?

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The blended worship band usually consists of piano, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. A stray flute, sax or other instrument may sometimes be included as well as congas and other hand percussion. This church will probably have a male worship leader with a small SAT praise team (soprano, alto and tenor.) Even if this band includes an electric guitar, it really won’t sound guitar-driven – the guitarist basically just adds color and texture, and uses reverbs and delays instead of a harder, distorted sound.

The guitar driven band performs mostly guitar driven songs and consists of two or more electrics, bass, drums and keyboard. The keyboardist provides mainly synth pads (strings, etc.) to glue the sound together as well as B3 organ licks and gurgling synth textures. A piano patch may be dialed up or an acoustic guitar brought out for the occasional ballad. Guitars are driving and distorted. This church has a male worship leader and perhaps a single female alto singing backup.

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