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Post Easter Blues

Todd Rhoades on why you can’t stop now.


Easter is over.

For many dynamic churches, this meant extra services and quite possibly the highest attendance of the year.

And now you’re probably exhausted.

But you can’t stop now.

You see, it’s pretty easy to get people to come to church on Sunday. But I think your main goal is getting them to return the week after Easter.

Many of the crowd you saw Sunday won’t be back. Ever. And some won’t be back until Christmas.

And most of us didn’t accept Christ the first time we heard the gospel.

Which makes the week AFTER Easter vitally important and a great opportunity.

If your visitors yesterday had a good experience, now is the time to invite them back and invite them to start a new journey.

Yet few churches capitalize on this opportunity.

Hopefully you gathered good information on your visitors yesterday. Today you might want to:

1. Plan your services with something in mind for your new folks that return.

2. Send a nice letter (or better yet, a hand-written note) from the pastor to those who attended yesterday and encourage them to come back.

3. Offer something new for new people. (People always feel out of place when visiting a church… make them feel like they won’t be alone).

4. It’s kind of late to the game, but if you did marketing for Easter, follow up with some advertising for the week after Easter.

Here’s a good article from Rick Warren on post-Easter follow-up and strategy I think you’ll find helpful.


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