Pray It, Don’t Play It!

Singing for Jesus or about Jesus? For church music ministries, it’s a struggle we all face. The lyrics are focused on worship and praising God, yet our minds still find ways to wander. How can we truly make our music a prayer offering to the Lord?

This thought-provoking piece dives deep, offering practical tips to help musicians stay centered on Christ during rehearsals and services. From building community to truly “rehearsing” the songs through personal prayer time, the author provides a fresh perspective.

But it’s not just a list of techniques. The writer boldly challenges us to find the stillness, that quiet place where we allow God to speak through our music. It’s a call to move beyond simply singing about Jesus to singing directly to Him.

If you’ve ever felt distracted or found your mind wandering during worship, this article is for you. Discover how to turn your musical offerings into a true encounter with the Lord. The path to prayerful performance awaits…

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