Preacher Video Goes Viral

Oklahoma Baptist Preacher Jim Standridge isn’t sorry for hopping off his pulpit and calling out members of his congregation for bad posture, poor attendance, and skimping on the collection plate.

“I’m a man of order, and we owe no one an answer for that,” Standridge, 76, told the Huffington Post earlier this week. “What concern is it of me what a carnal world thinks of this?”

The pastor’s May 19 meltdown at the Skiatook Immanuel Baptist Church was caught on tape and now has nearly 400,000 views on Youtube.

“I know I’m right, and I know I haven’t done anything wrong,” Standridge told the Barnsdall Times. “I don’t want to offend. That’s not my intention.”

The video, which went viral in late June, begins with Standridge calling out a churchgoer who allegedly laid his head back during the sermon. “I’m important. I’m somebody,” he says as hops down from the pulpit and goes into the audience to confront the young man.

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