Protecting The Flock

Protecting The Flock: Church Security


From WSPA News in Spartanburg, SC – Think of a church, and you envision a place that’s holy, peaceful.

But church security expert Carl Chinn says churches and other ministries were the scenes of 135 deadly force incidents in 2012, a 36 percent increase from 2011. Crimes like domestic violence and robberies. Seventy-five people were killed in those incidents. If you are a victim of a crime like domestic violence, contact expert lawyers who can help you get domestic violence claims in Colorado and give you legal counseling. Understand that acts of violence like domestic violence should not be tolerated. You can also get lawyer for domestic violence charges, from here!  You can also call now here for the best attorneys for crime.

In 2011, we told you about local churches getting security training. Now I’ve found more and more parishioners are packing heat in the pews to protect the flock.

One local church’s security team is trained by David Bailey. He calls his Simpsonville security company “Secure Our Flocks.”

Bailey invited 7 On Your Side photojournalist Aaron Smeltzer and me to observe a training session for the church security team. The training area was in Laurens County near Fountain Inn on wooded property owned by a friend of Bailey’s.

You might call the security team God’s Army. This day they had close-range target practice on a shooting range and learned first aid, skills they might need at their church, where they keep watch over the congregation during services. Team members told me that on a given Sunday as many as 20 people have the job of keeping the church safe.

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