purple cow

Purple Cows


A few years ago I received word that WorshipIdeas.com would be one of 99 innovative websites/companies featured in best selling author Seth Godin’s eBook “99Cows.” WorshipIdeas.com is Cow #24!

Seth Godin is one of the most creative minds in marketing today. His popular books, including “Permission Marketing,” have been on the New York Times business book bestseller list, and can be found on the shelves of every bookstore and public library in the country. Here’s Seth’s website.

His groundbreaking eBook “Unleashing the Ideavirus” is one of the most popular eBooks ever written, with millions of downloads.

Since I love marketing and have read all of Mr. Godin’s books, I was quite honored to be a part of his new eBook. It’s a good, entertaining read if you like this kind of stuff. Maybe it will spark some ideas that you can use in your ministry.

Click to download your free copy of “99 Cows.” The Adobe Acrobat PDF file is over 1 meg.


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