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Redefining Success as a Worship Leader

Brendan Prout cautions against following the path that resembles worldly success:

There’s a temptation among many worship leaders to follow the path that resembles worldly success – seeking the ability to share your music with millions, the ability to tour and lead the thousands & ten thousands in worship experiences. Having one’s name be known to the many.

We often have this thought in our minds that if our song was used to bless churches worldwide, if we were able to support ourselves through our music, that we’d serve our church for free – that we’d be such good stewards of the money, fame, and influence…

I liken it to the fantasy that many average Christians have, to win the lotto or suddenly come into wealth. “Lord, I’d tithe – I’d give above and beyond! If you blessed me with riches, I’d be SO GOOD with them! I’d bless the socks off my local church, and give to missions, and go on missions, and travel the world spreading the gospel, and… and…. and…”

The truth is God already entrusts us with plenty, and we need to be good stewards of that which He has entrusted us.

The truth is if we were given more, we would most likely follow similar patterns to how we currently live. We would be more extravagant in how we currently operate. For those who are already spreading the gospel, then yes – it’s reasonable to think that we’d respond to added resources with added enthusiasm and be even more extravagant in our evangelistic efforts! For those who don’t make any time to evangelize, it’s unreasonable to think they’d suddenly make the time to do so. For those who pour into others with what little they have already, it’s reasonable to think that they’d respond to being given more by giving more. For those who are miserly with their time and resources, it’s unreasonable to think that being given more would result in a sudden change of heart or lifestyle.

It’s no different for a worship leader.

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