Review: ‘These Christmas Lights’ by Matt Redman

Creating a new Christmas album is a delicate balancing act for artists – stay true to nostalgic holiday favorites yet also bring something fresh. With his first ever Christmas release, veteran songwriter and worship leader Matt Redman pulls it off with These Christmas Lights.

While evoking the familiar cozy Christmas mood with production flourishes, Redman also offers creative spins on classics along with new worshipful anthems that transcend typical holiday fare. The album threads the needle between warm holiday celebration and lifting hearts in adoration of the one whose birth Christmas commemorates.

Standouts like “O Little Town”, “Hearts Waiting”, and “The Name of Emmanuel” spotlight Redman’s gifts for spiritual lyrics and worshipful melodies. For those seeking music that delivers comfort and joy yet inspires worship this Christmas, These Christmas Lights hits all the right notes.

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