Robeless Choirs

Choir robes were no doubt invented to give a unified look to the group. Hundreds of years ago highly decorated robes with elaborate stitching added pomp and ceremony to liturgy.

If you’re ministering in an ornate, stately First Baptist-type church, choir robes no doubt approriately fit the bill. However, if you’re going the pop praise choir route, robes might seem out of place. But if the choir simply wears their Sunday best to sing, the group can look disorganized.

Take a look at the above video to see how the Brookwood praise choir solves the problem. A color scheme is chosen by choir ladies with good taste and color swatches are given to the choir members. The solution can be as expensive or inexpensive as the choir member wants – matching clothes might just be in the closet and a color blind bass can always go with the default black. Scarves and other matching accessories can be thrown in for variety.

Even if robes are your choir’s default look, you might want to try this method for a unique look on special Sundays like Christmas and Easter.


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